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The Best Air Purifier in Canada in 2021

– Reviews and Buying Guide

You wouldn't eat a mouthful of dirt, so why should you breathe in dirty air? Answer: you wouldn't. Unfortunately, you probably are without realizing it. You might think the filter on your HVAC system is enough to clean the air, but you'd be wrong. I know! We were surprised too. Potentially more shocking (we recommend sitting down for this one) is that the air in our homes can be up to 100 times dirtier than the air outside.

But we have good news! Air purifiers are actually really effective at cleaning our air so we breathe better and healthier. They can help with an assortment of health conditions and risks including allergies, asthma, respiratory conditions, bad odours, mold spores, second-hand smoke, flu and cold symptoms, and more!

Since you probably don’t know how to tell a good air purifier from a shabby one, we’ve looked at 27 different products and analyzed 1793 customer reviews over 68 hours to find all of the best options on the market today. This way, you can begin cleaning the air in your home as quickly as possible.

First of all, let’s take a look at the consumer experience and demand for air purifiers in several Canadian regions.

★★★★★ Relatively quiet smart air filter, larger than expected

Due to ongoing wildfires in outside (even after snow!) I thought I would up my game yet again with a better HEPA air purifier. I like that this one is quieter than the Vornado it replaces in my living room. However, it's not smaller! It arrived in the largest Amazon box I've seen. Check the dimensions in the photo attached to this review, don't think it's small because there are little kids in the advertisement picture next to it. The larger size helps the purifier move more air / CFM at a quieter decibel level because the fan is bigger than some small purifiers. The smart functionality works great, once set up. Due to whatever permissions I have on my Samsung S8, I could not get the purifier to connect at all -- at first. I tried the app on an Amazon Fire HD8 with Google Play Store, and the purifier connected within seconds! Since then, it has stayed connected and my Samsung S8 finds it now that it's been registered. It's really nice to control the purifier from my phone, but I don't really need to ... the HEPA filter senses the level of air pollution and on automatic mode adjusts the fan speed automatically. This means, most of the time the fan is on the lowest speed, which is great! It keeps my home's air fresh by spooling up when it needs to, and is quiet otherwise. Also, by adjusting the speed based on the level of air pollution, it saves energy vs always being on at the highest level. I haven't tried the scent option, but it seems pretty easy to dump stuff in the fragrance bucket and make your room smell nice. The only hesitation I would have with this purifier is the price, other than that, it's durable and should last many years. Recommended!

★★★★★ Lightweight and easy to use

This is a really decent size purifier, however it is incredibly lightweight and easy to move. This is great because I shift it into different rooms occasionally. It is incredibly easy to use, you just unwrap the filter and turn it on. I like that it has three different fan mode settings, and an auto setting so it will adjust depending on the air in the room. You can also set a timer for how long you want it to run, which is great at night or when I’m about to leave the house. It seems to do a great job of purifying the air. We have a lot of allergies and scent sensitivities in our home, and this has helped tremendously. Good price for this size purifier, and it looks like the filters will last a while.

★★★★★ Awesome air purifier, good for allergy

I have had this purifier for 1 week and it's very helpful! I am always allergic to pollen and dust in this season, my nostril is constantly clogged and I can't sleep well. I put it in my bedroom. After one night of running it I felt better! I can breathe thru nostrils again. Now I use it when I am at home. It runs about 12 hours everyday and works well. It's very quiet when using "sleep mode" at night. And it's compact and lightweight, and you can put it on the night stand. It's easy to use and there is "CHILD LOCK" to prevent children from pressing button. Moreover I like its sleek shape, it's stylish.

★★★★★ Air purifier

This air purifier works very well, quite and have so much functions, I was looking for a air purifiers just like many people worry about the indoors air quality during the pandemic and feels like we need an air purifier can provide it cleaning air. This purifier can lower the large particles such as animals hair dandruff and pollen when I have my heat on during the winter time. My throat feel so dry and I am coughing a lot after I use this air purifier it improving air quality of my room and help me breath better.

★★★★★ Set it and Forget it! Simple, Effective, Discrete

This really is a great little unit. Very sensitive too. It is so easy for operation and use. 

I was warming up some corn tortillas for lunch, the pan got a little hot and the oil smoked a little (just a little), the purifier immediately kicked into high gear, working to remove the smoke from the air. Very effective.

I love how you can automate the operation of the filter with Apple Shortcuts and then create automated schedules in the Smart Life App. It took me about 15 minutes to set it up the way I like it, now I don't even think about it, I don't need to.

How to choose a best air purifier?

Earlier we selected some consumer reviews. With their enthusiastic help, we know what kind of air purifier meets the needs of our family, and also help other consumers how to choose when choosing a home air purifier. Let’s list the most important points below:

The CADR of air purifier is important

The CADR value of an air purifier affects its purification coverage area and purification efficiency. Before choosing, you must first determine how large your room is. Generally, a medium room and bedroom with 300 square feet should choose a 200-230 CADR air purifier. It’s enough to change your room air within 5 minutes every time.

Uses of air purifiers

The air purifiers on the market have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are excellent in vacuuming, some are outstanding in mute, some are specially used to adsorb allergens, and some use UV lamps to better kill bacteria and Viruses, and the added humidification function, so you should choose the right air purifier according to your needs.

At this time, you should tell the shopping guide or salesperson that your air purifier is specifically used to remove air particles. It is worth for you to follow this tips, high-efficiency HEPA filters have a significant effect on removing dust, pollen and allergens in the air, especially H13 HEPA filters, the filtration rate can reach 99.97%, so you must choose HEPA filters air purifier.

Simple operation, better with wifi and remote control

The air purifier is a very simple household appliance. Its purpose is to purify the harmful particles in the air, so that you and your family can breathe better. Therefore, you don’t need to have smart functions like choosing a mobile phone or tablet. The control panel is also It should be as simple as possible. It is best to have an automatic mode. Press the automatic mode and the air purifier can adjust the settings according to the ambient air quality. Just like one of the consumers above, just leave it on and it can give you fresh air.

Easy to get help?

If you really don’t know how to choose, or if you need to start a brand business in the air purifier industry, please contact us by following the link below, we can give you professional guidance: