H13 HEPA Filter Help Americans Breathe Better


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According to official data compiled by Agence France-Presse, as of 11 o'clock on the 15th, standard time, at least 1.99 million 833 people worldwide have died of COVID-19, and at least 93,062,400 confirmed cases. But this is probably only a part of the total number of actual infections, because many countries only detect cases with symptoms or the most severe symptoms. The United States is still the most severely affected country. Other severely affected countries include Brazil, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

US Secretary of Health Alex Azar said in an online seminar held with the Heritage Foundation on Thursday: The United States only learned of the outbreak in Wuhan, China on December 30, 2019, "but Not in accordance with the requirements of international health regulations, through the official channels of the country, but through our media monitoring and the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in the United States." "China's SARS-CoV-2 gene sequence is until January 9, that is The virus was not shared until 10 days after it was reported by the media, and it was probably a month or two after the virus actually appeared.” China has repeatedly refused U.S. assistance, which has affected the U.S. government to learn more about the virus and take corresponding actions.

Hazard also said that his suggestion that Trump ban the entry of Chinese people was finally proved to be correct, but at the time someone accused the US government of xenophobia. Azar pointed out: "Unfortunately, although China has been locked down, they have not taken any measures to prevent their citizens from doing international travel, providing opportunities for outbreaks around the world."

Hazard explained that the Trump administration praised China in the early stages of the epidemic, partly because "For China, if you want access and cooperation, sometimes public praise is more effective than publicly attacking their heads." "We privately. Be resolute and put tremendous pressure on them. In public, it is silently supercharged, at least when we still think it is possible to ensure that they fully cooperate and comply with international health regulations." "Unfortunately, the WHO has never made us The changes we have made continue to praise China even today." "Our worries were confirmed after the return of the WHO international team. We learned that their scope of work is limited to observing China’s response to the epidemic, not the virus itself. the origin."

The risk of people staying at home in the United States is the lowest, but the dull air in the home or the virus flowing in from the outside are harmful. A HEPA filter with a rating greater than H13 can effectively improve this situation. Let’s take a look at a KJ410 air. What the American customer of the purifier said:

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