Haze Really Can Enter The Brain?


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Maher and his team of Lancaster University in the United Kingdom found in the latest research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:

Smog and other air pollution damage not only our lungs, but also our brains.

CNN also reported that "air pollution particles were found in the human brain"


This has subverted people's cognition. For many years, people's cognition of smog has mostly stayed on the harm to the respiratory tract and lungs, but the latest research has found that the damage to the brain is no less than that of the lungs.

Prior to this, Cory-Slechta, a professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester, and his team, in the journal "Environmental Health Outlook", proposed that "small particles will cause more damage to the brain of mice."


The first two weeks of a mouse's birth are an important period for brain development. The researchers exposed the newborn mice to the polluted air collected during the peak period of mid-sized cities in the United States for 4 hours a day for two weeks.

Afterwards, the staff divided the mice into three groups and tested their brains after 24 hours, 40 days, and 270 days.

It was found that the glutamate content in the brains of all the experimental mice increased, which is the same as the brain conditions of patients with autism and schizophrenia.

In addition, a group of mice tested after 24 hours developed inflammation in the brain, and the volume of the lateral ventricle increased by 2-3 times. The white matter of the mice has also been underdeveloped. It shows that inflammation has damaged brain cells and prevented the development of certain areas of the brain.

The two groups of mice tested after 40 and 270 days also showed the above symptoms. This shows that air pollution can cause permanent damage to the brain.

Simply put: the brain that has been in the polluted air for a long time will be permanently damaged, will become stupid and stupid, will be lonely, depression, and dementia.

When this research is placed on the human body, the results are even more shocking.

Unlike the coarse particulate pollutants of PM2.5~10 (such as sandstorms), smog with PM less than 2.5 can reach our brains directly through the respiratory tract.

The metal nanoparticles in the haze will help the occurrence of Alzheimer's. These particles are not what the body needs. They usually come from the melting of iron and fuel burning at high temperatures, as well as car exhaust emissions.

Children and adolescents who have been exposed to polluted air for a long time are more vulnerable. Metal nanoparticles inhaled through the nasal cavity enter the brain, causing irreversible and permanent damage.

This has been confirmed in the health tracking of children who experienced the smog incident in London in 1952. After more than 60 years, the smog still left some people with sequelae.

Shakira Franco Suglia, a psychologist at Boston University in the United States, conducted a random survey of 200 Boston children with an average age of 10 who participated in the survey.

It was found that children who grew up in areas with severe air pollution had significantly lower scores on cognitive ability tests, memory tests, and IQ tests than children living in unpolluted cities.

Bjarne Pedersen, executive director of Asia Clean Air Center, said that air pollution causes more than 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year.

The World Health Organization's 2015 announcement also showed that 8 million people worldwide die from air pollution every year.

How should we protect our brains and bodies and reject smog?

Studies have shown that the HEPA filter has a significant effect on filtering smog, especially the H13 grade HEPA filter, which can effectively filter 99.97% of smog and PM2.5 particles.

Using an air purifier equipped with H13 HEPA filter can effectively improve the air quality of your surroundings.

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How Does HEPA Filter Remove PM2.5 and Smog?

The air purifier will be equipped with inlet and outlet channels. The air is driven by a fan in the middle, filtered by the HEPA filter, and finally output fresh air from the outlet to remove haze and PM2.5 particles.

The mesh structure of the HEPA filter can effectively absorb these PM2.5 particles and haze. Not only that, pollen, smoke, allergens and other PM 0.3 micron particles can also be absorbed and removed, if the air purifier has a humidification function, the removal effect will be better.


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