HEPA Filter Desktop Air Purifiers Reviews From United States


BackNature's desktop air purifier can play a very good role in filtering pet hair. Let's take a look at how this American buyer feels after buying it:

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We have a number of pet birds that add a lot of feather dust to the air. I was intrigued by this air purifier since it reports the quality of air with a colored air ring - green is good quality, blue is OK, and red poor quality.

Setting up this unit was not difficult, but the instructions leave much to the imagination. One thing I don't like, which is the reason for 4-stars instead of 5, is that the clock is only on military time. There is no way to change it to a 12-hour clock. When it gets into evening hours, I have to calculate the time to come up with the current time. Other than this, I am impressed with this air purifier.

Considering the bird dust and my smoking, I was surprised this unit displays a green ring most of the time. To test it, I put a lit cigarette near it when it was in green, and it almost immediately changed to red. When I took the cigarette away from it, it changed back to green in a couple of minutes. I now have it set on auto so it goes into high gear when the air quality is down. The fan is very quiet when the air quality is good (green), but it gets much louder when the air quality is poor (red).

I have yet to see how long it takes for the filter to get dirty since we have had it going for only a week, but so far, I like it very much. I only wish there was an option to change it to a 12-hour clock that I can more easily relate to.

UPDATE 01/05/20:
Although I was at first very impressed that this air purifier reacted to smoke in the air, I'm disappointed that it doesn't always detect other pollutants in the air. We are currently having work done in our house that entails sanding of drywall. The dust from the drywall covered everything in the house, and you could see it in the air. It was so bad, I was sneezing constantly and my nose was running non-stop. This air purifier displayed a green light the whole time meaning the air quality was perfect. I checked the filter on the unit, and it was full of the plaster dust, but I didn't see any indication that the filter was full of dust. I guess I have to get a new filter to further test this unit. At the cost of $25 each for replacement filters, this could be an expensive air purifier to use depending on the amount of dust and pollutants you have in the air. To get some of the dust out of the air, we used a box fan with a furnace filter on the intake side, and the filter was full of dust in less than a half hour.

UPDATE 01/30/20:
After the drywall fiasco, I removed the filter from the unit which was full of plaster dust and vacuumed it. This removed the dust from the outside of the filter, and it seems to be working very well. Although this method won't remove all of the dust from the filter, it may be a way to prolong the life of the filter and avoid frequent replacements. I am wondering if this air filter is more sensitive to impurities in the air that are very small, like pollen, smoke, etc., rather than larger particles like dust. Although it does collect dust, this does not change the air purity indicator lights.

UPDATE 05/19/20:
In increased the star rating for this air filter from 3 to 4 stars because the internal filter, with vacuuming it one time, lasted about 5 months. When I removed the old filter to replace it, I couldn't believe how much dust it had collected. Of course, it doesn't eliminate the dusting chore, but it sure does help to lessen the dust in the large room it's in. If vacuuming the filter a couple of times means replacing it only twice a year, I feel the cost of the replacement filter can be justified. I have gotten used to using the military time on the clock, and I very much like that I can easily see the clock from across the room. I keep the unit on auto, so it gets a little noisy only when it senses extra dust or pollutants in the air. At this point in time, the fan gets louder very seldom.

I hope this review was helpful for you, and will update this review if my opinion changes.

Thanks to consumers for their support of BackNature, we will continue to work hard!

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