Portable Dishwasher Reviews From United States


Recently, we received a review from an American customer on the dishwasher. It seems that he is very satisfied with our XZ850 dishwasher. Let's see what he said:

 ★ I call it a depression fighting minion. And I love the tank.

Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2021

I love this dishwasher. I love that it has a tank because my kitchen is set up in a way that makes it difficult to get the dishwasher close enough to the sink to hook it up. I keep it on my kitchen table and let it drain into a stock pot that I keep on a chair. The tiny challenge is that I can't fill up the tank quickly because the water splashes all over if I try to pour it in too quickly. I assume it takes way less time than it would to cart it over to the sink and hook it up, though. The tank needs to be filled 3 times with a 1.8 liter pitcher. I originally wondered why it didn't come with a larger pitcher so you only had to fill it up once. But a big pitcher would be much heavier. It would be too heavy for some people, particularly anyone elderly.

I can use my kitchen sink while it's running because it's not hooked up to it. And I can run it at the same time as the washing machine or shower. I like the window.

The dishwasher usually cleans very well. I had trouble once but determined it was because a large pot lid was blocking some of the other dishes. Dishes can come out a little dirty occasionally but it's usually fine. The normal setting leaves some spots on glass items sometimes but that's not a big deal to me. I haven't used the glass setting before and I may never use it because it's not something I need. So I don't know how well that works.

There isn't a basket but the silverware rack seems to hold small objects securely. I put the little pieces from my Instant Pot on top of the rack and put the little cup shaped "anti-block shield" over the littlest rubbery piece to hold it in place so it doesn't get lost.

I'm not sure if the drying feature really works. I usually run the dishwasher before I leave the house and come back to it many hours later, and the dishes are usually pretty wet. I did just wash one large mixing bowl on its own and took it out right away and it was dry. So I don't know if it stays wet because of things like the inverted mug bottoms collecting water or if the dishes are perhaps initially dried but become wet again from condensation if they sit too long. I unload the dishes onto my drying rack and then put them away after they air dry so it's not a problem. A full load fits into a drying rack with few problems.

The dishwasher was packaged well and arrived in good condition. (I load trucks at FedEx and I know what packages go through so I can appreciate the quality of the packaging, haha.)

This last note isn't about this specific product really, but it's important to me. My mental health has improved so much over the last few months of having this dishwasher. I don't like doing dishes, and am perpetually physically exhausted from work. My kitchen has always been covered in overwhelming dirty dishes meaning I can't use the space at all and have always had no clean dishes to cook with. Now that I have a dishwasher I can keep on top of the dishes. I only do dishes for myself and find that I can keep up by running it once a day because it holds very little. (This is good because it means I don't wrestle with terribly dried on food because dishes are washed they day they get dirty.) I find I can handle washing a few pots and pans by hand (they won't fit in the washer) if I've got the dishwasher to do the little stuff. Between the dishwasher and my recent Instant Pot purchase, I'm able to eat better quality food and eat more regularly. I'm also enjoying cooking for the first time in a long time. All this has been amazing for my depression.