Quiet Desktop Air Purifier For Bedroom Reviews From Los Angeles


Recently, we received a satisfactory comment from an individual consumer from Los Angeles on the air purifier KJ70F-103. It seems to be of great help to the cleanness of the air around him and his sleep. Let’s take a look at how he said:

Improves my sleep quality

As lived in LA, air condition is not always that good.
I usually close window when I go to bed at night and start to cough after I fall asleep. So I bought this product in order to improve the air.
The first time I received it, I felt the product is very light and size just like a coffee machine which fits anywhere in the room. The color is good and outlook is pretty simple and modern.
I was pretty surprised with the sleeping mode function, not saying its very quiet that its really hard to notice while I’m sleeping, and also I felt that it produce a good amount of fresh air that actually improves my sleeping experience, I didn’t cough at all and felt more energetic when I woke up.
When switching to the speed mode, I put it in the living room and kitchen, it purified the kitchen smoke air within minutes.
Highly recommend to use this with a humidifier, would give you a jungle feel at home.
• Quiet and easy to use
• Perfect size for anywhere in home or office
• Sleep mode improved my breathe
• Child lock function, good to be safely used in environment with children or pets
• Very powerful function

• Perfect gift for anybody