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WH-03 (Panel 2) Thermische Wasserreiniger und Spender

WH-03 (Panel 2) Thermische Wasserreiniger und Spender

Thermal Water Purifier and Dispensers

Water purification | Stewing dual mode

Versatile Dual-Mode Water Purification

Advanced Mineralization Technology

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Versatile Dual-Mode Water Purification: Offers clean and boiled water with smart cooking features, ensuring fresh-tasting water for various uses.

Enhanced Nutrient Extraction: Glycol weak base extraction boosts nutrient activation and polyphenol intake from tea, enhancing aroma and health benefits.

Customizable Temperature and Quantity: Provides 7 temperature settings and 6 quantity adjustments for personapzed water preferences.

Automatic Heat Preservation: Maintains warmth for up to 2 hours, ensuring ready-to-drink warm tea at any time.

Advanced Minerapzation Technology: Under-sink purifier with strontium-enriched minerapzation for health benefits and a two-core, five-layer purification system for superior and long-lasting water purity.

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