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HJSRO3A01-121-02 Counter Top Water Purifier Water Dispensers

HJSRO3A01-121-02 Counter Top Water Purifier Water Dispensers

  • Food Grade Material

  • Tap Water

  • 3 Seconds Quick Heat

  • Reverse Osmosis Technology

  • Thick Film Rare Earth Rapid Heating Technology

  • Built-in 1L Pure Water Tank

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Rated Total Power: 2025W

Hot Water Capability : 20L/h(290 C)

Fixed Work Pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa

Tap Water: Automatic Water Supply

Net Weight: 7.0Kg

Unit Size: 310*165*385.5mm


Water purifier and water dispenser all ine one, 3 seconds quick heating.

Rear earth thick film fast heating technology instant heating& instant drinking.

Built-in TDS water purifier quality monitoring, the purification effect is clear at a glance.

Automatic water intake, no need to manually add water.

UV powerful antibacterial, deep protection to prevent secondary pollution.

4 levels of temperature control, 4 levels of water volume, to meet the drinking habits of the whole family.

Smart touch panel, child lock mode-avoid children misoperation, sensitive and safer.

Patented reverse osmosis ro membrance filter out heavy metal, large particle impurities, bacteria and other organic matter in water.


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