Full Form RO Water Purifier

Full Form RO Water Purifier

  • Model NO. SC-RO2020-600G
  • Price:USD 130.00-140.00 / sets
  • Minimum order quantity:500 sets
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:180000.0 sets / Month
  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou, Nansha
Basic Information
Product Description


Do you want to drink clean drinking-water?

Do you want a convenient and practical Full Form RO-Water-Purifier?

Do you know that you should choose RO, UV or UF water-filter-purification?

First, let’s take a look at the difference between RO, UV and UF simple-water-purification methods

RO: Reverse Osmosis

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. It is a process that helps RO-water-purifier remove unwanted ions, dissolved solids and TDS from drinking-water. Reverse osmosis is the opposite of osmosis. In osmosis, solvent passes through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution to a more concentration solution. In reverse osmosis, the solvent passes through the semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction (from more concentrated solution to low concentrated solution). The pressure required to move solvent (water) from more concentration solution (tap water) to low concentration solution (purified water) is generated by the pump of the RO water purifier.

UV: Ultraviolet

UV stands for Ultraviolet. In RO water purifiers, the reverse osmosis process can remove the dissolved solids and ions but cannot kill the bacteria or germs present in the water. The UV rays can kill such bacteria and germs. So, in most of the RO water-purifier, the water is made to pass through the UV radiation source tube. It exposes the water to UV radiations that kills the harmful bacteria and germs.

UF: Ultrafiltration

UF stands for Ultrafiltration. It is a type of membrane filtration used in UF water purifiers. In this technique, the water is made to pass through a hollow fiber threaded semi-permeable membrane. The large suspended particles and solutes are retained and water passes through the membrane. The UF occurs before the RO filtration, before the water enters the water purifier. It reduces the load on RO membrane and increases the life of membrane.

From the above explanation, it is easy to see that RO's water-purification-technology has obvious advantages over UV and UF in terms of water purification and filtration, prevention of wastewater backflow and pure-water-purification-rate.

To choose a suitable household Full Form RO Water Purifier, we recommend BackNature’s 600-gallon under-kitchen complete integrated water purifier. With RO reverse osmosis technology, and also equipped with a smart faucet. You only need to gently press the faucet switch to drink clean-water.

RO2020-600G also reduces the TDS to below 10, which meets the requirements of healthy drinking-water, and the smart faucet shows the TDS quality.


Kitchen Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System, Under Sink Tankless Purifier, 600 Gallon, 1.5:1 Pure to Drain, Reduces TDS, Compact Design - SC-RO2020-600G
--------------------------- ▪ ★★★★★ ▪ ---------------------------
● 600 Gallons of high-efficiency water purification per day
● 1.5:1 Pure to Drain
● Reduces TDS, Protect Health
● Compact Design, Save Space

Clean water made easy

Water is discharged directly from the faucet, enjoy the freshness of clean, pure water directly from the faucet.

Smart faucet displays the TDS and filter usage time.

Home Reverse Osmosis system transforms contaminant rich tap water into clean, pristine water easily and quickly.

600 Gallens Per Day

The internal pump assures fast and stable water flow after filtration to the provided premium faucet, The faster and more stable water flow will produce a cup of filtered water in 10 seconds. meeting water needs of most households and small companies.

1.5:1 Low Drain Ratio

The advanced water filtration technology of tankless SC-RO2020-600G purification system saves up to 450% of water when compared to other brands on the market. Generating 1.5 cup of purified RO water will only produce 1 cup of waste water.

Compact Design, Save Space

Unlike traditional tank reverse osmosis systems, SC-RO2020-600G undercounter purifier is designed as an integrated unit without bulky pressure tank. It also eliminates secondary pollution due to unventilated tank for your drinking water.

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