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KC15G-A02 Smart Car Air Purifier Manufacturer

KC15G-A02 Smart Car Air Purifier Manufacturer

  • Four-layer filtration system 
  • LED display
  • UV disinfection
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Rated Power :10W

Noise Level : >55dB (A)

CADR(particles): 10m3/h

Material : ABS+ sheet meta

Net Weight (kg): 0.6kg

Unit size (mm) : 72*222mm


  1. Four-layer filtration: Pre-filter, HEPA, negative ions, and UV light for clean,healthy in-car air.

  2. 360-degree adsorption: Bottom air intake, top air outlet for rapid air circulation and effective purification.

  3. Intelligent monitoring: Built-in dust and TVOC sensors to adjust purification and safeguard respiratory health.

  4. Quality materials: Durable ABS and sheet metal, lightweight and visually appealing.

  5. LED display: Integrated top display for air quality and operating status at a glance.

  6. UV disinfection: LED UV light kills bacteria and viruses, providing comprehensive respiratory protection.

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