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KJ203F-142 Ionizer Room Air Purifier Manufacturers CADR210

KJ203F-142 Ionizer Room Air Purifier Manufacturers CADR210

  • Wind Speed, Timer Mode, Sleep Mode

  • 1*107 Negative lons-Fresh&Purification

  • Rounded Corner Design- specially designed for maternal and child protection

  • Large Carry Handle Design, Door Cover Buckle , convenient for daily operations such as lift, move and install filters, etc.

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  1. High Wind Speed for Effective Air Purification.

  2. Timer Mode for Convenient Operation and Energy Efficiency.

  3. Sleep Mode for Quiet and Undisturbed Sleep.

  4. 1*107 Negative lons Technology for Fresh and Pure Air.

  5. Rounded Corner Design for Maternal and Child Protection.

  6. Large Carry Handle Design and Door Cover Buckle for Easy Daily Operations.

  7. Advanced Air Purification Technology that Removes Allergens, Bacteria, Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Odors, and VOCs to Keep Your Air Fresh and Healthy.


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