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WH-01 Domestic UF Water Purifier Dispenser Supplier

WH-01 Domestic UF Water Purifier Dispenser Supplier

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Rated Total Power: 2200W

Hot Water Capability : 21L/h(290 C)

Fixed Work Pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

Portable Water Tank: 6L

Rated voltage/frequency: 220V~/50Hz

Unit Size: 435*242*403mm


Hot and cold water purifier and water dispenser all ine one, 3 seconds quick heating

Free installation, quick-heating, hydrogen-rich clean drink complete in one step.

Hot, warm, ice water (electronic refrigeration) and cold water.

Six levels of temperature adjustment, four levels of quantitative.

Filter element life reminder, TDS water quality monitoring, water change reminder.

Smart APP: Water quality, water quantity, filter life, etc. are clear at a glance.

Multiple safety protections: temperature control + child lock + dry burning prevention+overheating protection

Rear earth thick film fast heating technology instant heating & instant drinking.

Built-in TDS water purifier quality monitoring, the purification effect is clear at a glance.

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