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Haike Electronics hydrogen-rich household water purifier, the 7th Guangzhou International Hydrogen Products and Health Expo came to a successful conclusion!

May 07, 2023

From March 8th to 10th, 2023, it was grandly held in Hall 10.1, Area B, Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex, and concluded successfully on the 10th. Guangzhou Haike Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. special exhibition A560-A563. Guangzhou Hydrogen Expo is a one-stop procurement platform for the entire hydrogen health industry chain and a professional technology application exchange platform. The exhibition brings together big names, which jointly promotes cooperation, integration and coordinated development of the hydrogen industry. The exhibition received strong support from many brands in the industry, attracting more than 80% of domestic hydrogen companies. Nearly 200 domestic and foreign corporate brands appeared on the same stage. More than 10,000 buyers came to visit the exhibition, providing rich industry information for exhibitors, Buyers are one step ahead and grasp market trends.


At this exhibition, Haike Electronics showed everyone hydrogen-rich household water purifier products - hydrogen-rich water machines, hydrogen-rich water cups, and other hydrogen-rich water purification series products, as well as coffee machines and health extraction machines. The hydrogen-rich series breaks through technological barriers and takes the lead in adopting the world's leading physical hydrogen-dissolving nanobubble ultra-concentrated hydrogen-rich water technology, which instantly dissolves hydrogen into drinking water to generate ultra-high-concentration hydrogen-rich water. The uniqueness and excellent quality of Haike's products have won unanimous praise from exhibitors and visitors, becoming the shining focus of the exhibition hall.

SJ-100R-01 All-in-one clean drinking machine (hydrogen-rich model)


The world's leading technology electrolyzes pure water to generate hydrogen through an independent electrolysis module, and quickly mixes and pressurizes hydrogen and drinking water through a water-vapor mixing system to instantly dissolve hydrogen into drinking water to generate ultra-high concentration hydrogen-rich water.

Unique 180° rotating water outlet design.

It is compact and does not take up space. It is plug-in and ready to use and does not require door-to-door installation.

Pure wastewater separation design: 3:1 low wastewater ratio, five layers of deep fine filtration, good water intake, round and sweet taste.

New thick film rare earth fast heating effect and precise intelligent temperature control.

The filter element is electrically controlled and can be replaced with one click.

SJ-100R-02/03 all-in-one drinking machine (basic model)


Aerospace technology reverse osmosis purification technology, post-modern luxury and high-end atmospheric appearance.

100G large flux membrane + built-in large water tank for rapid hydration and continuous use by multiple people.

The third generation of rare earth has second-speed heating technology, multi-stage water temperature, hot, warm and cold water can be adjusted in multiple levels, so you can drink as you like.

Built-in LED UVC sterilization visual indication.

Fully automatic electric core change, more convenient.

Mobile phone WIFI module intelligent remote control.

KFJ-A01/02/03 intelligent fully automatic coffee machine


Six types of coffee, including American, Italian, cappuccino, and latte, can be adjusted with just one click for coffee volume, powder volume temperature, grinding thickness, and milk froth making time.

The 3.5-inch touch color screen intelligent operation prompts are simple and direct, and even novices can easily get started.

The dual boilers are equipped with 95C extraction and 100C milk froth production without interfering with each other, which makes it faster and tastes better.

19 Bar Italian style pump, extracting pure coffee. Imported ULKA Italian pressure pump ensures stable and efficient extraction.

The high-strength alloy cutterhead is not easy to collapse, and the freshly ground powder particles are evenly designed to make coffee easily.

FQ-JY series instant hot and clean drinking machine (hydrogen rich machine)、


Using a new generation of saturated hydrogen production technology, we can quickly produce about 1600ppb nanobubble saturated hydrogen-rich water: nanobubbles have stronger penetrating power and better solubility for dissolved hydrogen.

The hydrogen concentration of hydrogen-rich water is retained for a longer time, and the hot water state is not easy to escape.

LED intelligent touch-sensitive buttons, waterproof design, simple and sensitive operation, and more convenient to get water. The hot water unlock button is designed to prevent children from being scalded by hot water caused by incorrect operation.

The real-time detection of water quality TDS value is clearly displayed on the smart LED screen.


In the future, Haike Electronics will, as always, adhere to the business philosophy of "continuously creating value for target customers", comply with the trends of the times and environmental changes, insist on using technological innovation to build its core competitiveness, and provide customers with superior products and services with better quality products. Value products and services.