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What is the quality and strength of Haike’s OEM/ODM smart health appliances?

Sep 19, 2023

From product development to 3+ feasibility studies, and then through 5+ review meetings, 20+ quality inspections, and 30+ performance tests, and a series of pre-production preparations, only a qualified product can obtain a production license. The product testing after production is also strict and standard. From circuit board functional inspection, motor assembly and inspection, to ground resistance test, high voltage test, appearance inspection, power inspection, noise test, aging test, etc. It is the first in the industry to establish quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO international standards. We have established complete quality control specifications and processes throughout the entire process from design and development, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, monitoring and measurement, and continuous improvement. Apply the effective management methods and tools in the ISO quality system standards to Haike's quality management system, and strive to create an excellent quality system and first-class product quality to continuously satisfy customers.


In Haike's testing center, there are more than 50 kinds of experimental equipment used to evaluate the reliability and performance parameters of products:

(1) Purifier performance test

In order to ensure the reliable performance of the purifier, the quality inspection process is very important. From raw materials to production and assembly, everything will be checked and monitored at all levels. The picture above shows the testers recording data!

(2) Product aging experiment

During the production process, each product not only undergoes a step-by-step inspection process, but also undergoes an aging test. The picture on the left shows quality personnel inspecting the aging process of the product.

(3) Withstand voltage tester

The withstand voltage tester is a test that applies a specified AC or DC high voltage between the live part and the non-live part of the electrical appliance to check the ability of the insulating material of the electrical appliance to withstand the voltage. During long-term operation, electrical appliances must not only withstand the effects of rated working voltage, but also withstand the effects of overvoltage that is higher than the rated working voltage for a short period of time during operation.

(4) Data collector

The input power and input current of each product must be checked to ensure that the electrical parameters of the purifier are within the design requirements.

(5) Vehicle-mounted simulated vibration test

It is used to evaluate the anti-vibration performance of product packaging, and is also used to experimentally discover product structural defects, ensuring that the product remains intact after being transported to the user's hands after bumpy transportation.

(6) Drop test

It is used to test the damage of the product when it is dropped after being packaged, and to evaluate the impact resistance of components in the drop test. It must be tested before shipment, and will be shipped only after passing the test.


(7) Salt spray corrosion test

It is specially used to evaluate the salt spray corrosion ability of hardware accessories and their protective layers. Through its testing, it can ensure that users get long-lasting products.


Haike Electronics has been focusing on smart homes and healthy home appliances for more than ten years, catering to market consumption upgrades to provide consumers with better quality of life, satisfying customers with excellent quality and services, and promoting corporate development with continuous improvement!