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Haike's new hydrogen-rich instant hot reverse osmosis drinking machine is here!

Aug 16, 2023

What are the characteristics of hydrogen-rich water?

Strong antioxidant capacity:

Hydrogen-rich water is rich in active hydrogen, which can effectively remove free radicals in the body. It has antioxidant properties that exceed all known antioxidants such as vitamin C, carrots, and lecithin.

Strong penetrability:

Hydrogen-rich water belongs to small molecular cluster water, which is easy to absorb and has strong penetrating power.

Safe and reliable:

Hydrogen-rich water belongs to negative potential water and has a greater affinity with the weak alkalinity of human body fluids.


Haike's hydrogen-rich instant hot reverse osmosis drinking machine adopts the world's leading technology. It electrolyzes pure water to generate hydrogen through an independent electrolysis module, and quickly mixes and pressurizes hydrogen and drinking water through a water vapor mixing system, so that the hydrogen can be instantly dissolved into drinking water. Ultra-high concentration hydrogen-rich water is generated in the water.


Haike SJ-100R series hydrogen-rich all-in-one drinking water machine has a post-modern luxury and high-end appearance. The body is compact and does not take up space. It is plug-in and ready to use. It has a sufficient capacity of 5L and can be configured with a visible raw water tank; the purification and wastewater separation design is 3:1 low. Wastewater ratio, five-layer deep fine filtered water is smooth and sweet at the entrance; third-generation rare earth 3-second rapid heating technology, multiple levels of hot, warm, and cold water are adjustable, you can drink as you like, it is hot when you drink it, and it refuses to boil water. Aerospace technology's reverse osmosis purification technology filters out heavy metals, large particle impurities, bacteria and other organic matter in water; 100G large flux membrane + built-in large water tank, quick rehydration for multiple people to use continuously; built-in LED UVC sterilization, visual indication. It adopts industry-leading electric filter element removal structure technology and fully automatic electric element replacement. The filter element can be replaced with just one click, solving the trouble of difficult element replacement. Add mobile phone WIFI module to realize intelligent remote control.


Three major advantages of Haike SJ-100R series hydrogen-rich water purifier

3 seconds rapid heating, thick film technology, boils water in 3 seconds, avoiding thousands of boiling water, and the water quality is fresher.

5-stage purification, 2-stage filter element, 5-stage purification: PP composite filter element (PP+carbon rod+antiscalant), aerospace reverse osmosis filtration technology + post-carbon.

6-stage temperature control + stepless temperature adjustment (adjustable per degree), normal temperature water, milk, tea, coffee, boiled water, cold boiled water.